Leadership Mentoring

LEADERSHIP is more important than ever!

From the outside LEADERSHIP seems simple and easy, but in reality, it requires plenty of different skills to be developed constantly and to acquire a deep knowledge.
It’s a never-ending learning curve and many times may be a lonely journey.

I am here to accompany you on your journey and assist you whenever you need:

  • to gain self-confidence in your current or your future leadership role
  • support you to take that leap in your next career path
  • to know how to adapt to lead remotely your team
  • to learn more techniques on how to handle difficult conversations such as giving bad news or negative feedback
  • guidance in complicated situations when you have issues with one of your team members or your whole team and you are not sure what is the best approach
  • advice on how to turn your negative team vibe to a positive one
  • to know what to do when your team is not performing nearly at their maximum potential because of high pressure or they´re tired, or simply that they’ve got used to a laid-back attitude
  • more ideas about what you can do to develop your team individually and as a team and create a real team bond, even remotely
  • to see the light at and of the end of the tunnel and know what to do when you are stressed, tired and unmotivated
  • a checkup, an expert’s opinion to ensure you are on the right path as a leader or about which aspects and skills you can still improve and work on (especially the how)

If you feel it’s time to invest in your own professional development, don’t have second thoughts, contact me and I will prepare a personalized plan for you which includes:

  • Leadership Checkup: a review on your level of expertise in leadership
  • Personalized action plan:
    • WHAT: the areas which you should work on and why
    • HOW: to put in place concrete leadership practices and techniques and the way to improve essential skills
  • Between 3 to 5 individual mentoring online sessions (upon individual needs), where we will analyze all the issues, insecurities, curiosities you may have and to find solutions in order to become a better leader.

I will provide you some extra activities that you can do in your own time, either self-reflection, mental exercises or recommended books and videos.

If you really want to be a great leader, care about your team, want to invest in your development or have a team, many teams, a department a division, you are the number one in your company.

Then this MENTORING is for you

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time leader or a senior manager, leadership is not a course when once is done the work is finished, it’s a continuous and conscious learning journey.

Investment in your professional development:

Package 1


  • 15 min Discovery call
  • Evaluation through survey
  • 3 online sessions of 1 hour
  • Training material


Package 2


  • 15 min Discovery call
  • Evaluation through survey
  • 5 online sessions of 1 hour
  • Training material


About Me

Want to know more about me to see if we are the right match to work together? Here are a couple of facts why I believe I can help you and if you want to know if my personality resonates with you, visit my Linkedin or Instagram

  • I started at the bottom, at first running a small team, then teams, larger teams, and finally an entire department of 55 people at a multinational company. A leader in their sector of 3000 employees of which I was part of the Management Board
  • I have 15 years’ experience leading teams and teaching leadership
  • There’s a 99% chance that I have personally seen, lived, and dealt with the kind of situations that you are facing right now
  • I created, launched, and led a Professional Development Program for future leaders in the multinational company. (I loved every moment of it)
  • I collaborated with companies such as Apple, Google, HP, Cisco, Inditex, etc.
  • Some of my clients that I helped with comprehensive leadership programs and mentoring: Leadtech, Signaturit, Red Points, Arcserve, Checkpoints, etc.

Feedbacks from my Clients

I don’t want to bombard you with happy client’s testimonials and showing off, but I really do believe that I’ve been an added value to them, helping them to solve their problems and to reach a higher level in their personal leadership development. So here we have some feedback from a few of my clients that I loved to work with: