Dóra Irányi

Leadership Consultant

I’m a Leadership Consultant and Founding Director of 4Dvelopment, with a mission to shape company cultures through Conscious Leadership.

From a very early age, I knew I was going to lead people. The feeling was clear and I was sure that it was going to happen. When I was only 5 years old, I received my first hard leadership lesson. I still remember clearly, playing with other girls and we needed someone to lead the game. Of course, I said “me!”, but the only thing I did was give them orders, “do this” and “do that”. Soon they got tired of me and just quit and left me behind. I learnt that to tell people what to do, doesn’t work.
Leadership is not about you is about your team.
A good leader when listens to their people is capable to silence the little voice in their own head that comments and judges all the time and actively listen. They encourage their team to take accountability of their responsibilities and to be proud of whatever they do. Most importantly a good leader always cares about their people.

You won’t hear fancy quotes or unrealistic and idealistic concepts about leadership from me, neither do I believe in guru-ship. I teach the pure practical side of Conscious Leadership for companies and for their forward-thinking leaders who create an environment where people love to work, even on Mondays.

I have worked with global corporations such as General Electric, Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, Cisco and Habitat among others, and have experienced their cultures first-hand.
My leadership knowledge does not only come from books but many years of real experience (in leading teams and an HR Department), resilience, plenty of self-reflection and of course from my own mistakes.

I have a genuine interest in developing people, already from the time when I studied psychology at university, I thought I was going to help employees become a better version of themselves at the workplace and make their working life happier. I still have the same vision!

I love to do Triathlon and most I enjoy is breaking my limits and those triumphs when I win against my inner voice which says, “stop Dory, you can’t do this!!” and instead I “just keep swimming” and especially keep running…faster and faster…

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