Dóra Irányi

Leadership & Success Expert

From a very early age, I knew I was going to lead people. The feeling was clear and I was sure that it was going to happen. When I was only 5 years old, I received my first hard leadership lesson. I still remember clearly, playing with other girls and we needed someone to lead the game. Of course, I said “me!”, but the only thing I did was give them orders, “do this” and “do that”. Soon they got tired of me and just quit and left me behind. I learnt that to tell people what to do, doesn’t work. Leadership is not about you is about your team.

A good leader when listens to their people is capable to silence the little voice in their own head that comments and judges all the time and actively listens. They encourage their team to take accountability of their responsibilities and to be proud of whatever they do. Most importantly a good leader always cares about their people.

I spent almost 10 years in Sellbytel Group. I started as a Recruiter and ended up as HR Director looking after more than 50 HR professionals for a company of 3000 people. With every promotion I faced a new challenge and I was constantly learning also by making mistakes on how to become a great leader. What I loved most about my job was developing other people, therefore I designed and created a professional development program for future leaders to offer them long-term training and personal coaching.

Not everything was happy, sunshine and about growing. I had the opportunity to personally meet the soul-eating and hopeless Mr. Burnout. When I really hit the floor, as my mum used to say, I shook myself off and I dared to take actions to change my situation. I recovered, refilled all my energy bottles and my hunger to eat the world has returned.

My purpose is now to make companies more successful by helping them with people management.
I’m an ambassador of Employee Experience.
My vision is to create company cultures where Monday is not a sad day, where people love what they do, where leaders drive the business by getting the best out of each team member without burning them.

Ultimately, CEOs will be proud of their company’s environment which is one of the biggest parts of their success.

People who know me best say that I’m a very generous, caring person, that I have a strong sense of justice and sometimes may not be very flexible. I absolutely agree with the first three, but inflexible? I don’t know what they´re talking about. Me? Never! 😉

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