Conscious Leadership Program

Shape your company culture through CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP!

Our Leadership program is not a simple training where leaders have a good time but don’t remember a thing in a week’s time.

The Conscious Leadership Program is based on our 4D Methodology:

  • DIAGNOSIS: Describe together with Top management the desired leadership style, values to transmit, practices, and competencies. Measure the current picture among the leaders in the company, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Assign improvement areas and objectives.
  • DESIGN: Completely customized LEADERSHIP TRAINING. No theory, only acquiring practical knowledge, 100% applicable on a daily basis.
  • DEVELOP: During the training leaders learn effective practices, develop indispensable skills and gain a conscious leadership style.
  • DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: The training is followed by INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP MENTORING to ensure that all the leaders reach the same level of conscious leadership and that they apply the effective practices in the best way.

Naturally, the program finishes by measuring its impact on the company, data-driven, not sensation led.

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