How to become location independent

Last week I was on a meetup: #Nomad Talks: How to become location independent… and live a life with purpose

Kaye Pi gave us 40 minutes of input about 3 Steps to Living a Life of Purpose. I especially enjoyed her presentation as it drives you to reflect more and live your life every time more consciously.

Sorry, Victoria Fuchs’ presentation about Make the World your Office didn’t convince me as there was no practical information about traveling and working at the same time.

Lea talked about a trendy HR topic: Remote working. According to her vision, founding data and tendency, remote working will shape the labour landscape in a globalised world.

I have a huge doubt about that! I think working from home is completely against human nature, who has a primary need to socialize with people. The information that Lea gave us about the drastically increasing popularity of the co-working places among the freelancers confirms this need. If everybody prefers to work from home remotely how could it be that the freelancers choose to go to a co-working office to work, instead of working from home or even from a coffee shop…?

I’m on favor to give 1 day per week to the employees, (if their job allows them) to work from home. Not for the productivity, actually quite the opposite. Even people with big sense of responsibility get distracted at home by doing home stuff, such as put the washing machine on, put a little bit TV or anything that you usually do at home. Come on put your hands up if you never ever did home stuff!

So I believe that we are less productive at home, but it’s still beneficial. It lowers the stress level, because of the silence, you have much less interruptions and you feel in general more comfortable than in the office.

Companies, go for remote working, but in small doses!