How to identify burnout

You feel tired all the time and the thought of going to work every morning makes you sick but you just carry on, you’ve given up and believe your life will never change. You might have Burnout: emotional and physical exhaustion caused by excessive stress. It’s a common issue in the corporate world, 1 out of 10 people suffering from burnout. You are not alone!

You may live like that for a while, but every day you will fall further into desperation unless you finally decide to take back the control in your life by TAKING ACTIONS.

I know you are exhausted, that you doubt if it could ever change and if you could you don’t even know where to find the energy to do anything about it. I understand you, not long ago I was in the same situation, but it’s time to leave this painful episode of your life behind and chose the life that you always wanted to live.

Take the test to find out what aspect of your life is affected by Burnout and you will get advice.

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I won’t allow you to feel the victim or fall into a desperation and especially I won’t allow you to conform with this stage of your life. I will teach you techniques and mindsets on how to change your life and be happy again!

First step: taking actions, no more complaining and focusing only on the negative side! Sarcasm is not an honor!
If you really want to, you can change your situation, but I tell you now, the solution won’t fall from the sky. I was waiting for a miracle too, something external that was going to change my life from one day to another. You know what, I was silly, nothing changed until I did something. To change the world around you, first, you have to change your thoughts, questioning, modifying your beliefs and regain the trust in your capabilities.
Let’s start today, stop procrastinating and take the first action: Complete the Burnout Test below and you will find out which aspects of your life are affected. You will receive personalized advice on how to recover.

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I had the opportunity to personally meet the soul-eating and hopeless Burnout. I reached the top and at the same time, I hit bottom.
I was a top manager in a well-known multinational company. I put everything into it, all my energy, time and thoughts until my body and my heart said STOP! All my days were just a rush, no time to go to the toilet, literally, no joking, and forget about eating properly or even taking the time to eat!

I loved my team, and I did a lot for them, however, I always felt that I could have done more, but I had no more energy left.
The sofa was my best friend, I couldn’t wait to get home, sit down on it and close my eyes, even if only for 10 minutes. It was a great friend, it didn’t ask anything from me and I didn’t have to listen to its stories about its silly “life problems”.

The world around me became inpatient, irritable and negative…I had become impatient, irritable and negative…

I knew exactly what I had, therefore I started to study and investigate everything about this silent sickness, Burnout.
For more than three years I read articles, university studies and observed people around me. You don’t have to go too far. Did you know that 1 out of 10 people most probably is burnt in a corporate world? Finally, I put all the information, knowledge, observations and certainly self-observation together and I identified 7 aspects of life that could be affected by Burnout. I created a test to measure them and collected all the tricks, techniques and actions that worked for me and that could help you too.

Finally, I recovered!!! When I hit rock bottom, “I shook myself off”, took a decision, moved my ass and left behind the impersonal, careless corporate world to create the life that I always wanted to live.
I broke my friendship with my sofa and once again I’m a social person. I don’t fall into bed every night completely exhausted. I’m full of energy every single morning. Monday is no longer a black day and Tuesday looks great too. I believe in myself and I’m reaching the goals that I set for myself because I’m doing what I love.

I know you want to feel good in your skin and would love to enjoy life again.

Get in motion! Complete the Burnout test and get advice!

The investment to reach a happier life it’s only 67€!

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