Business and Sport have lots in common

Running a business successfully and preparing for a race of any sport, have lots in common.

1. Chose a business/sport that you really love and enjoy the whole journey!
If it constantly feels more suffering than pleasurable, you are doing the wrong thing. You have to feel, you are in your element!

2. Simple but true: “no pain, no gain”. It’s not a walk on the beach experience. Therefore, you will value your success more.

3. Visualize where you want to be and how do you want to feel when you get there!

4. Set up goas! Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Not just talk, take real actions to move forward to achieving them.

5. Push yourself beyond your limits! Get up, move, work even if you are tired, you feel lazy, in bad mood or just simply don’t fancy to do it. With every single wasted day, you get further from the place where you want to be. Forget the word: excuse!

6. Eat healthy, don’t drink too much alcohol. You will concentrate better and focus more, hence you will progress faster. Seriously decreasing sugar in your diet makes a huge difference!

7. Celebrate achievements, any types, small ones too!

8. Accept that you will have setbacks, mistakes or failures. What is important, is to learn from them and to QUICKLY move on!

9. Fear. Who doesn’t have a fear of failing, lies to themselves! Acknowledge your fears, but never let them control you.

10. Believe in yourself! Believe that you are talented and capable! 80% of your success depends on how much confidence you have in you.